how annie & isabel made my day

It was a joy to wear my Annie & Isabel gown for the birth of my second daughter. I felt beautiful, and that's saying a lot for a mama giving birth! Everyone who came to my room loved my gown and I got so many comments and compliments from the nursing staff on how functional and stylish it was. And they were right!

I loved that I could still get up and walk around and be completely covered. The gown was thick enough to be comfortable in, and with the ribbon ties and snaps in the back I could be covered to get up and around. It was also easy for frequent feedings, and perfect for the nurses to do everything they needed to do.

I think next time, I'll get a different gown for every day I'm in the hospital! I now tell all moms that they shouldn't even think about going to the hospital without their Annie & Isabel gown!

A huge thank you to the amazing ladies behind Annie & Isabel who made my day extra special!