we created another little human

Well. We did it. We have brought another little tiny, perfect human into this world.

She's gorgeous. She's perfect. She sleeps. She barely cries.

I'm obsessed.

{Gown provided by Annie & Isabel...I was the cutest mama in the hospital!}

{shirts & bows by Jaxon Jill Designs}

Everything went perfectly. I'm recovering so quickly and feeling pretty good! Other than throwing up all day and not being able to eat much, I'm doing MUCH better than my last c-section. You guys were right, the second one is way easier! Go figure.

Big Sister is having a blast poking her baby sister, and running around the hospital.

Daddy is amazing. He should win awards for his swaddling skills, and is taking such good care of mama.

Thank you so much for all your kind words and prayers over our little family of 4!