unexpected costs of pregnancy

You know those books you can buy about pregnancy? The "what to expect when you're expecting" junk? Well, those books never go into the good details. They don't tell you what to REALLY expect. For example, there are costs of pregnancy they don't tell you about. That's why I'm here. To give you the Top 10 Unexpected Costs of Pregnancy. Buckle your seat belts kids, these are good.

10. Ice Cream - Really? Does this one need an explanation?

9. Toothpaste - Most normal women throw up a lot. You will at least have clean teeth, because after all that puking, you brush about 70 times a day.

8. Tums - Oh, the tums. I bought the massive box of like 600 and it's lasted about a month. Between heartburn and stomach aches, those things are lifesavers.

7. Water Bill - Long showers are one of the only things that relax and calm my body. I could stand there for hours (if hubby would let me). Oh, and don't get me started on how often you have to flush the toilet!

6. Oreos - In one sitting I can eat almost an entire package. And they really do make you feel better.

5. Fast food  - Seriously? The cravings. You will make dinner, and plan to eat healthy and it just look nasty. Off to Taco Bell is it for the biggest, most disgusting fake meat burrito of all time.

4. Sunglasses - Along with your mind...you lose everything. You misplace everything. You forget where everything is. And, then you sit on them because you can't see down "there".

3. Fans - I have 3 on me at night. THREE. And I still sweat every night.

2. Fingernail Clippers - Prenatal vitamins make your hair and nails crazy strong. I am proud to say I actually snapped a pair of fingernail clippers in half because my nails are so stinking strong. Impressive, eh?

1. Toilet Paper - You pee A LOT. A whole, whole lot. In the last trimester, I find myself changing to a new role every few days. That's just a stupid amount of toilet paper.

 Good luck & have fun! Growing a baby is the BEST!

What were some unexpected costs for you?