big sister gifts for the big day!

Hey! Surprise! We're having a baby next week! Oh right, that's all I talk about these days. I wanted to get Jessi Girl a special "big sister" gift, but since she's only 17 months and clueless as to what is actually happening...I decided to go a different route. I had an idea to do a daily gift for her when she comes to the hospital to visit. Now it is special for her, and she has something to entertain her while she's visiting! Win, win!

I put together these little goodie bags for each day. I hope she loves them, and enjoys playing. I know little sister will be exciting to her, but I'm sure after about 10 minutes and realizing she can't drag her around like she does her baby dolls...she'll be bored and need something to do.

Since we are having a c-section, we are planning for three full days in the hospital so I made 3 bags for each day she'll come visit us. Check them out!

- Day One Bag - Big Sister Book Bouncy ball {that lights up!} Bubbles to take home & enjoy Awesome "On the Go Art Case" from aPearantly Sew!!!

- Day Two Bag - Piggy Bank Toy Fun Bouncy Ball "You Are My Sunshine" book

- Day Three Bag - Little People SUV (with a baby in back!!) Play-Doh "Guess How Much I Love You" book

Can't wait to spoil Big Sis a little bit too, while Little Sis is getting so much attention!!

What did you do for your older siblings when having a new baby?