17 months {the jessi girl}

Well, we have reached the month. The month where our baby becomes the big sister. I've been saying for 9 months that our babies would be 17 months apart, so for Jessi to be 17 months...it makes it real. This month has been tough and wonderful all at once. She hit the "terrible two's" and figured out how to defy mommy and daddy. That is heartbreaking, and so challenging. We had to begin timeouts, and give consequences for actions. We so hope that she catches on soon, and we can get ahead of it before it gets too bad. The vocabulary is outstanding. Every day she learns about 10 new words, and tries to repeat everything we tell her. This kid is SMART. We are starting to learn our colors. Every time you ask her what color something is she says "yellow!". Apparently yellow is her favorite color?

She loves babies and is so affectionate with her toys. She gets excited when we see a baby, and to her a 7 year old kid is a baby. We hope that she is as crazy about baby sister as she is about all other babies.

Oh, did I mention she's too cool for school? Because she is.