a plan of attack: toddler style

The terrible two's. You hear people talk about them. You dread them. Then if you're lucky, you survive them. I look back on posts I wrote 4 months ago and how we were "struggling" with our toddler and her defiance. Ha. Silly me. Oh, and future me don't you wish you were dealing with what you are now??

Hubs and I went out on a date last week, and our focus was to come up with a plan. A plan of attack for our tiny toddler. Because somehow in the last week, she has figured out a new way of life. Of throwing fits. Of screaming at mommy & daddy. Of disobeying us. Deliberately. That's the part that hurts. When she disobeys on PURPOSE. My mama heart breaks into about a bazillion pieces. My sweet little baby has a mind of her own and is making her own decisions now. Unfortunately, her choices aren't always the best for her and mommy and daddy have to step in and direct her.

You're wondering how this sweet face could EVER do wrong, aren't you? Me too.

That whole "this hurts me more than it hurts you" thing? It's true. I've had days lately where after putting her to bed, I feel defeated. I feel as though I've lost and my good parent card should be taken away. I want what is absolutely best for my kids, and sometimes that means it will be tough.

Finding a discipline method that is right for our stubborn little strong willed girl isn't easy, and it will likely take a lot of strength, consistency and coffee on our end. But I know we will all come out better and stronger in the end. I may have my days of defeat, but I will always do what is best for my little girl.