can i get that to go?

Well, two weeks from today is the big day. The exciting birth of my second child, and also my dreaded c-section. {{Just to clarify for you c-section haters - vbac isnt an option for me for several reasons and I'm proud to deliver my baby in the best and healthiest option for us. Glad we had this little chat. Β Moving on...}}

I just really hate having surgery, and not being able to get around easily. Having a baby is great and all, but the whole getting it out of your body process just really stinks.

And ummmm, how about you stay in the hospital for 4 days? No thanks!! Can we do like a drive thru delivery service and I'll be home and in my bed by lunchtime??

I'm nervous about a few things with the birth of this baby. Two kids under the age of 2. Breastfeeding. And the recovery of the c-section. I just remember the pain from last time and how it took a while to get back in the swing of things, but I had a really hard time recovering. I really want it to be smoother this time. It was only 17 months ago, so you'd think it would be a little more fresh on my mind...but somehow I've forgotten a lot of it.

Any advice from c-section mamas? Recovery tricks I should try out?