family vacation 2011 - a photo explosion!

We went on vacation last week with the "Family Fun Network". I was blessed to have married into this amazing group of people including four families and all their offspring. The parents met when they were our ages, and Brook was about 4. They started vacationing together once a year, and the rest is history!

Last spring, three of the young married couples had babies, so vacation is even more exciting with three toddlers! A 16 month old, 15 month old & 14 month old. Wowzers, we are baby making machines. Oh, and remember how extremely pregnant I am? Yup.

We had a great time at the lake. Funny thing is, the lake was infected with some nasty alge so we didn't even get in the water. But that didn't stop us from having a blast! It was hard on me being so pregnant, because I couldn't participate in all the activities, but I enjoyed couch sitting while the grandparents and aunts & uncles chased my firstborn.

Here's the whole group (minus 3 who are not pictured):

-- Belly buttons & kisses --

{click on any picture to see full size}

-- Fun times with daddy --

-- All the girlies --

-- Mamas and the little ones --

-- Jessi & Lila did a little mini photoshoot --


-- And best of all....lots of pool fun!!!! --

Such an incredible week of relaxation and fun with family & friends. I'm so thankful for this amazing group of people. They threw us a surprise baby shower, and we were able to buy our double stroller from the blessings they poured out on us! Seriously, amazing!