introducing rupert: our other child.

If you follow me on twitter, and see the millions of pics of my kiddo you probably have gotten familiar with a certain little stuffed animal. I realized I've never officially introduced him to you though. And as a VERY important member of our family, I feel he deserves a proper introduction. Meet Rupert. 

Obviously, belonging to a toddler girl. Poor little dude.

He was a gift from someone before she was born, and became part of Jessi's nursery. Somewhere around 4-6 months old she started sleeping with him in her bed. It was all downhill from there. The girl got ATTACHED. And I mean really, really attached. Her comfort comes with a thumb in her mouth and Rupert nuzzled to her face. It's precious.

We made it a rule that he didn't leave the house though. Every time we were going somewhere she would have to put him down before she could walk outside. But lately, she's becoming even more attached. She has always had really bad seperation anxiety, and going to church every week is torture for her. We attend a lifegroup every Thursday, so she spends a couple hours in childcare at our church. Since she pretty much cries the entire time, we gave in and let her take the beloved Rupert one week.

A. completely. different. kid.

They practically begged us to bring the monkey back every week. What gives?!?! I was really shocked that an object can provide such comfort to a child. Although I don't want her to be the kid taking her stuffed monkey to junior high, I am a little more willing for her to take him with her if it means she's happier.

Does your kid have a "lovie"? I would love to hear about the attachment!