summer fun - guest blog {happiness is eva}

Today's Summer Fun guest post comes to you from Summer from Happiness is Eva!



Hello! Amber here, from Happiness is Eva. I'm always a little stuck for words when it comes to writing these little bio introductions. So, after many rewrites, here are the basics: I live in Australia with my Texan husband, Johnny and our beautiful 14.5 month old little girl, Eva. At the moment I'm fortunate enough to still be on maternity leave, which allows me to spend my days watching Eva change and grow.

While those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are sweating out the remaining weeks of summer, down here in Australia, we are longing for those hot summer days to shake off the cold.

However, living in Brisbane, some might scoff and laugh at what we consider Winter as most days you can get by with a long sleeved t-shirt and a cardigan or sweater if it gets "cold".

Looking back on the pictures I've taken over these Winter months has made me realize how much we have become creatures of habit. Replaying the same activities. Since becoming parents we have quickly learnt that many of our old stomping grounds are not particularly “family friendly” when you have a walking, wriggling and jiggling toddler! So, we spend most of our time outside.

Most afternoons are spent at the park. Once Johnny gets home from work, we all madly dash to the playground before the sun goes down and it becomes too cold. Of course like most children, Eva love the freedom and as soon as we get there she is off chasing birds. Exploring. Pulling grass. Crunching leaves. And socializing with other kids.

Honestly, I never really appreciated parks and playgrounds until I had Eva. With wide open spaces there is so much for kids to explore. And best of all, they're free!

Again, almost every weekend we take advantage of picnicking in the park. We visit the markets, buy fresh sushi and eat lunch and watch on as Eva toddles around, setting off on mini adventures.

And when we are not wandering or playing in the park, we can be found at the library or our favorite bookstore and cafe. As a lover of books, I’m a big advocate for early literacy. So a trip to the bookstore is the perfect opportunity to discover new books and build on Eva’s growing collection.

Yet the one thing I'll always remember most about this Winter is that it was when Eva learnt how to walk and quickly grew confident on her feet.

Now, I can only look forward to Summer with weekend trips to the beach already planned and new adventures to be made.