summer fun - guest post {me & mine}

Today’s Summer Fun guest post comes to you from Lauren from Me & Mine!



Hey new friends! I'm Lauren and I write Me & Mine. I am the mama of 2 beautiful boys. Ryan (monkey) is our 2 year old ball of energy, and "Jelly Bean" our baby boy number 2 due at Christmas! Yes I can say they are BOTH beautiful already, because I am the mama and I make the rules. I write a little about everything that is mommyhood- diapers, parenting fears, pregnancy, tantrums, and tubby time. No topic is left un turned. I started out blogging in 2008 when I was pregnant with monkey and hubs and I were still in the newly wed category with just 6 months of marriage under our belt. I love the community I've found here and the ability to look back over my marriage and my days of child growing and raising and remember every single detail.

Thank you to KK for having me guest post! I love her and her blog, cant wait to see 2.0 and watch her sweet angels grow up and the differences in life with her 2 girls and my 2 boys. You best be having a great time lady :)


I love everything about summer. The feeling of sun on my face. The smells of fresh cut grass, sun tan lotion, and BBQ's. The feeling of a cold swimming pool just when you think its too hot out to bear. The way my baby smiles when the warm wind blows in his face and the way everything and everyone just seem happier and better.

I live for the months between April and September, they keep me going on the long, cold, rainy winter days. And we have more than I wish to count in the PNW. When you live where we do, where it rains 80% of the year, something magical happens every so often and if you ask me not enough. When the clouds begin to part and the sun shines its glorious rays. Our actual SUMMER arrives in July. And this year it was just in time for the 4th.

In this house we thrive off sunshine. Since we were home from the hospital with our brand new baby boy we have spent every sunny day outside. At first it was walks in the stroller around the neighborhood and while my colicky baby soaked up some healing rays I sobbed on the phone to my mama about the hardships of having this baby outside of my body. Those days were ones to be cherished but now its all about bubbles, sidewalk chalk, hu-hu's (hula hoops), and swimming nekkid in Grandmas pool.

I am trying to talk hubs into moving somewhere that has summer year round. Cause if there is one cure for my no longer colicky baby but tantrum filled toddler is some grass between his toes. I am still deep in summer here but already looking forward to next summer when I have 2 boys to slather in sunblock and rough house in the yard with.

If there is one thing we've found the last 3 summers with a kid its that the little plastic pool from walmart knocks the socks off a big public swimming pool! I get so nervous watching my little man maneuver around the big kids and praying he doesn't get pushed off the step or hit in the head with a flying pool toy. Plus side of your own little pool is it doesnt matter if you have a suit on or not. For the kids anyway- we adults choose to stay fully dressed don't worry ;) Joy dish soap is a great replacement when your toddler knocks over a freshly opened bottle of bubbles on the patio. Farmer's markets are the best activity on a weekend. And spray sunblock is so much better than the rub on. I am embarrassed to admit it took me til this year to find that one.

So a big cheers for summer everyone, in my book it really is the best season! And I hope that Kara-Kae and her family have a great week away.