summer fun - guest post {naptime diaries}

Today's Summer Fun guest post comes to you from Jessi from Naptime Diaries!



Hey ya'll! This is Jessi over at Naptime Diaries. 

I'm a lover of Jesus. A wife to a hot man. A mama to three little kiddos. 
I blog at Naptime Diaries and I run a little etsy shop too. 
This summer has been all about the kids. 
We've made lists and had fun and had treats and gone on trips. 
But this weekend, I did something I rarely do, maybe never do. 
And it was the sweetest summer gift ever. 
I have three kids and my sister has four. Between us our kids are 7, 6, 4, 3, 3, 2, and 6 months. When we get together, it's pure and wonderful madness. During family events, our parents are always super helpful, feeding a baby, chasing a toddler, reading to the big kids. But it's always nutty and wild and we leave feeling a little exhausted and not so much connected. Family times are blessed blessed blessed, but a little nutty you can imagine. 
This past weekend, my dad and stepmom mixed it all up and politely asked my sister and I to come help them clean out their garage out for a few days. Simple. Innocuous. Of course. We want to be helpful. We love our parents. Our husbands will watch the kids, we'll go and love on and serve and clean. No biggie. 


Except, we soon realized it was all a ploy. We spent two hours cleaning, cancelled the garage sale we were supposedly prepping for, and acted liked we were the kids and they were parents for two days straight. Their plan was genius, lure us in with something we couldn't refuse (a request to help) and keep us for a weekend of uninterrupted family bonding. 


A 3.5 hour car ride ALONE with my sister. 
Giggling in bed with her till 1am. 
Sleeping till 8am and lazily having coffee with my parents. 
Playing in the  Cleaning out the garage & collecting little goodies of my parents I've always craved.  Leisurely lunches without sippy cups or spills.  Afternoons sipping coffee & playing games.  Dinners discussing life and our loves. All at home, having the time of their life at Daddy camp. While we had our own Daddy camp. 

It's not something we can do every month, or even every six months.  We'd miss our kids. There are birthday parties and yard sales and family fun days and lazy Saturdays and all sorts of things that we can't miss. 

But we promised that next summer, we'd do it all over again.  Just us girls, with my Dad and stepmom.  And a few days. And an not-so-in-need-of-cleaning-garage.  And I can't wait.