summer fun - guest post {crosbie crew}

Today's Summer Fun guest post comes to you from Summer from Crosbie Crew!



Hey everyone! My name is Summer and I blog over at the Crosbie Crew. Today I will be sharing my "Boys of Summer Series" that I have been doing on my blog. I want to encourage you to have fun and get messy with your toddlers!

This series is geared toward the little boys in your life (I have 2!) but are definitely fine for little girls.

A little shaving cream can go a long way!

You only need 3 ingredients to make your own ice cream in a bag!

Freeze some toys in a block of ice and let your little one go to town figuring our how to get them out. It takes forever to fill up water balloons but just a few minutes to destroy them all.  Toddlers don't understand it and will most likely get upset.  Try these sponge balls as a better alternative!

The summertime should be all about having fun as a family.  If your kids are any bit like mine, they can play fine by themselves but when I take the extra time and join in with them, they are so excited.

Remember: Messes are temporary but memories last a lifetime! GET MESSY AND HAVE FUN WITH YOUR KIDS!