a summer fun bloggy break {meet the bloggers!}

Well, hello there friends! I'm thrilled to introduce you to some amazing blogs this month! I am leaving to go on vacation Sunday and they are going to be sharing with you next week. Woo! You get to stop listening to me whine about being pregnant and hear from some really super fun bloggers!!! So get excited to hear about some Summer Fun from these lovely mamas while I'm on the lake enjoying summer fun with my family!

I wanted to introduce them to you before you hear from them so you can fall in love with their blogs as much as I have!

Summer's Blog - Summer on Twitter - Summer's Etsy Shop

Jessi's Blog - Jessi on Twitter - Jessi's Etsy Shop

Lauren's Blog - Lauren on Twitter

Stephanie's Blog - Steph on Twitter - Steph's Etsy Shop

Amber's Blog - Amber on Twitter

Courtney's Blog - Courtney on Twitter - Amplified Designs