file under: i'm a crazy person

I have a really stinking cool toddler. You guys see pics of her all the time, and hear me gush about how amazing she is. I don't just make these things up, she's seriously cool. Her personality rocks my socks off, and she's SMART. Like crazy smart. Going to outsmart me and make me look like an idiot in approximately 7 years. But we have those days.

The days where she doesn't get enough sleep. Won't eat. Throws MASSIVE fits. This weekend we went out of town with daddy while he led worship. Bad idea. It's the whole caring for a toddler, out of town while pregnant in the middle of the hottest summer in 30 years that is tough.

I had this brilliant idea to take her for a breakfast date to starbucks. Um, why? Because I like to punish myself obviously. She had gotten in bed at 11pm the night before because we were at a birthday party and woke up at 7:30. For a kid that normally sleeps 13-14 not enough sleep.

She actually ran behind the counter, threw herself down on the floor and proceeded with the most epic tantrum to date. All because I tried to break her muffin in half and feed her a bite of yogurt. Needless to say, it was back to the hotel for us and our starbucks date was cut quite short.

Hi, I'm a toddler blur throwing a fit. Aren't I cute?

It's those moments as I'm dragging my big ol' belly around that I wonder "WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO??" Can I handle this?? Two babies? Two tiny little people?? It seems crazy and impossible.

We will take it a day at a time, and we will survive.I know these will be some of the hardest years while my babies are tiny, but I'm loving every second. Even the hard, test my patience moments. Because they won't be little long, and that's just a bummer in itself.

Mommy just needs her coffee BEFORE the tantrums begin.