the God who answers prayer

This song has been encouraging me so much lately and I wanted to share it with you guys. We are in such a weird, but great place in our lives right now. We never dreamed we'd be 5 weeks out from having our second child without a steady job. Brook is having a blast getting to lead worship all over the place and travel a lot, but it's not the greatest income. Thankfully, we are trusting God to provide for us each and every day and we know that He will see us through. Listening to this song a few days ago just brought me to tears. He really is a God who answers prayer, whether it be on our timing or the way we "want" Him to answer. Just such powerful words to remind me daily that my life is in His hands.

God who answers prayer Sees me in my need Runs to my despair Your promise I believe

That You Are, You Are, You Are God

Bless the Lord with all that's within o my soul I cry out with all that I am make me whole Here I stand I place all my hope in you My Healer will see me through

God who answers prayer Faithful you will be In my darkest hour Your promise I believe

My Savior, my God on High The One who has brought me life I surrender all that I am Into your hands, I'm in your hands

{Elevation Worship}

Have a listen:

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