16 months {jessi girl}

Ok, who took my tiny baby and replaced her with this toddler? It's so crazy to literally watch her grow before my eyes. This month has been a blast. I know I say it every month, but this age is my favorite. Her personality is hi-lar-ious. Seriously, she's the coolest kid. Her vocabulary really exploded this month, and we can't even begin to count how many words she says. She tries to repeat everything we say, which can be really funny. Our favorites right now are "butt paste" & "noodle". So funny. She has become a lot more affectionate. Which makes me melt about a thousand times a day. She gives hugs now, and gets so excited to see mama and daddy when one of us has been gone. She's even let me rock her to sleep a few times, which is totally not her style. Don't tell Daddy, but she's really becoming attached to her mama over the last couple of weeks. I'm trying to soak in these last few weeks of it just being us before sister arrives.

Her favorite things right now are babies, spoons, Veggie Tales, Rupert & Blankie, going night night (yes, she LOVES to sleep), reading books, her slide, pointing out body parts, going swimming, giving kisses & hugs. Oh, did I mention she's learning to run??? Ever watched a toddler start running? It's amazing. She likes to go check the "box" (mailbox) with daddy and help mommy in the kitchen.

She's our joy.

Enjoy some black and white beauties of my precious big girl.

The classic "Jessi Face". Love her.