my incomplete family

I find myself getting very anxious sometimes to get our family built. It feels so incomplete. We have our little firstborn, who is completely awesome and we're kinda obsessed with her. We meet little sister in 6 weeks (yeah....6 weeks from today!). But still. It feels incomplete. With waiting out the final weeks of this pregnancy and our pending adoption, it makes me restless.

But then I kick myself for trying to rush it....because wow they grow up SO fast! Look who is already swimming by herself!

I know that God has an amazing plan for our family. We are stoked that He has called us to adopt and is going to allow us to bring children into our family that need a forever home. It's seriously an incredible honor. But I'm dying over here!! I want to scoop up all those babies and bring them home NOW.

Basically, I'm impatient.

It's hard waiting.

Waiting for hubby to get a more solid job, so we can even be allowed to adopt. That part is frustrating sometimes. God, you have called us to this....why aren't you giving us the means to do so?? Is He telling us to wait? Maybe this is His way of keeping me from losing my mind by having too many tiny babies to raise!

My heart is anxious and so excited for what lies ahead for us. I wish I could dig into paperwork now, and get this process going. But we are waiting. Waiting until the time is right. Focusing on each child, each little blessing He's giving us. One at a time.

What are you anxious for now, and how is God teaching you to wait?