2.0's birth day bash!

Hi friends! So, I have this exciting idea cooked up in my brain. Ya know, I'm pregnant right? Popping out my second gorgeous little baby girl in precisely 46 days. That's September 2nd for you people with slow math. Since this is my second girl, we don't need much for her. We already have tons of clothes and stuff leftover from big sis. But that's the problem. Everything is hand-me-downs. And most of Jessi Girl's stuff was hand-me-downs anyway.

I want Little Sister to have some pretty things of her own.

So, here's the deal. I'd like to show off some of your stuff, advertise for you & spread the word about what cute things you make. And then my littlest gets some darling things of her very own! I think it's important to spoil my second born too!!

Do you make burp cloths, clothes, baby shoes, headbands, hats, diaper bags, blankets, hospital gowns, nursing stuff....annnnnnnything fun for baby or mama? I'm going to do a MASSIVE blogging & twitter party as we welcome this little girl. Because, come on...you guys want to be in on every detail of our lives. You know you do.

And trust me, we make CUUUUUUTE babies. So you'll have a darling little smooshy newborn to show off your goodies.

What I need from you:

E-mail me with what you'd be interesting in showcasing in the Birthday Bash, with a link to your site! karakae{at}karakaejames.com

We'll chat from there about buttons, ad time and how we'll show off your cuteness!

You guys rule.