the sunday bump

There was something big that happened this week. I reached the point of true discomfort. It was like overnight my body decided it was tired and didn't like being pregnant. But we keep on keepin' on. 6 weeks and 5 days left! It really is flying by! 2.0 feels like she's really growing, and when she's violent. She's still not quite as active as big sis was, but I swear she hates being in my belly. She's attempting to break free every chance she gets.

Oh, and I really don't recommend a summer pregnancy. That is all.

STEPPIN' OUT SATURDAY Off to church on Saturday night, oh ya was only 106 degrees outside. Basically we were dripping with sweat just taking a few pictures. Crazy! But check out little miss and her platinum blonde hair! I can't believe how it's finally coming in and so gorgeous! Mama's not jealous at all