under the weather

Pun intended. I've been a little sickly the last couple of days. My poor body is beat, and I got a bug of some sort. With the summer heat, all the traveling we've been doing and then getting sick....I'm spent. Did I mention the heat? Because I think I have a few times...I seriously get excited when it's under 105. That's how hot it is. Been spending a lot of time working on the girl's rooms. They are allllllllmost done! Can't WAIT to share them with you! I thought about giving little sneak peaks along the way, but thought it would be way more fun to do a big reveal once they are finished. Hopefully in the next few weeks! Waiting on some finishing touches (a bed, bedding, curtains...ya know, small details.)

So that's pretty much all I have the energy for, and thought I'd say hi and leave you with a pic of my cutie poolside. Dang, she's adorable huh?

What have you guys been up to?

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