the moment everything stops

Life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately. The days fly by, and the weeks are gone before I know it. It's hotter than...well something really, really hot outside. I make it through most days with a forced smile counting down the days until I'm no longer pregnant. (52 days) I'm in that miserable stage where something constantly aches, and I feel bad for my amazing husband who has to live with the crank pot I am most days. Then something happens and my world stops for an instance. This week it was her. My precious baby girl. My independent, wild and carefree toddler. Sunday night after a long weekend away for hubs to lead worship out of state, we got home late. Got her in her pjs and hubs was getting her room ready for her to get in bed and I sat in her rocker waiting for my "nigh-nigh" kisses and hugs. She normally lasts about 5 seconds with us through her prayers and kisses and is reaching for her bed so ready to get in. She's been this way since day one. Her rocking chair sits unoccupied, and only used for her to "ride" in when she plays in her room.

But this night was different. I asked her if she'd like to rock with mommy.

She walked over to me, tired little eyes looking up and said "up!" I scooped her into my arms and she nuzzled into me.

I didn't move for about 30 minutes. My right arm completely asleep (thanks a lot pregnancy carpel tunnel), my left leg going numb. I embraced all 23 pounds of my precious toddler for as long as I could. She fell asleep in my arms. I felt her sink into me, and be completely comfortable. She knows her mama will take care of her, and for this brief moment...she needed to feel my touch. She needed to be held and rocked to sleep.

I am in the same place. I'm tired. I'm weak. I can't manage to do it on my own. I have to crawl into my Father's lap and allow Him to rock me to sleep. To look into my eyes and tell me He will take care of me. Some days I get too wrapped up in the little things that really don't matter. Blogging, numbers, e-mails, blah blah blah.  I want to take the time to get back to the innocence of a child and forget it all. I want to only care about the things that matter, and use every moment to love my family with every ounce of energy I have (even if it's just a little bit!).

I'm thankful for those moments when everything stops and I'm reminded of what really matters. I hope you take the time today to embrace the people you love. Forget the things that don't matter. Hug your babies. Laugh with them. Hold your husband's hand. Bake a cake and make a mess. Have fun. Enjoy life.

I only have 52 days left with my family of 3. You better believe I'm going to make the best of it, the best way I can. Blazing heat, puffy body and full of joy.