the sunday bump

It was 110 degrees here today.ONE HUNDRED AND TEN. Did you hear me??? 1-1-0. That's just stupid hot.

Basically I'm sweating to death and trying not to swell up like a massive balloon.


Week - 31

Time remaining (in c-section mama world) – 7 weeks, 5 days

Weight gained – 16 pounds

Gender – Still a girl…as far as we know!

Baby’s Name – Um, duh. Have I not tortured you enough already? (it's a seeeeecret!)

Recent Cravings - Oreos, Banana Bread, Donuts, Sweet Tea (someone explain to me how I've gained hardly any weight...)

Fun fact - C-section is officially scheduled for Sept. 2 at 8:30am! Woo!

Number of times I wake up to pee at night - 2

Number of times I've peed my pants while sneezing - 1

STEPPIN' OUT SATURDAY We are cheating...this was actually Friday for my birthday!

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