the sunday bump


It's hot outside. I'm huge. I'm uncomfortable.

Whine, whine, whiney, whine, whine.

Ok, happy thoughts! Guess what? Only NINE weeks to go. 9. Like a single digit number. That makes me so very happy. I have an appointment this week and we should be able to actually get on the hosptial books, so we'll find out if Sept. 5th really is our day or not! I'm kinda considering Friday, Sept. 2nd if the doc will go for it. So we'll see if she'll go for it!

Since I'm married to the most sought after Worship Leader in the world, we are traveling all over every weekend for him to lead. It's exhausting, but a fun adventure for me and the munchkin. I'm currently typing this while she sleeps about 2 feet from me in a hotel crib. It's really weird.

That's all I got, sorry no fun stepping out pics or anything....we rode in a car all day. It was glorious.

Updates next week on all the fun junk and hopefully an EXACT arrival date on this little bladder jumping queen!