15 months {jessi girl}

Holy cow, kiddo. 15 months. FIFTEEN. (Well, on the 25th she was 15 months. Mama's a few days late) I always tell people my girls will be 17 months apart, so this really brings into reality how quickly baby sister will be here...and how big my "baby" is. She is saying about a bazillion words, and tries to repeat anything and everything we say. Her favorite things right now are babies, spoons, washing her hands, her toothbrush (and our toothbrushes) and goldfish. She likes to be a big girl and eat in a booster with a plate, or standing on a chair next to mama or daddy. She's starting to say please & thank you without being prompted. She can point to and name a ton of body parts, and does about 20 animal noises. She's falling in love with swimming, and is having a blast this summer! She has been pooping in the potty! She'll go sit on her potty while mommy goes, and when we ask her if she needs to potty she runs straight to it to sit. I never imagined she would learn this early!

She's stinking smart, and freaks me out everyday with what she knows.

15 Month Stats:

Weight - 23.9lbs (63rd Percentile) Height - 31 inches (68th Percentile) Head - 46 cm (54th Percentile)

I know I say this every month, but we are having a ball. This kid is incredible and I can't imagine it getting any more fun!!!

Keep on rockin' girlfriend.