the sunday bump


Week - 28, Hello 3rd Trimester!

Time remaining (in c-section mama world) - 11 weeks tomorrow!

Weight gained - 12 pounds

Gender - Still a far as we know!

Baby's Name - Ha! Suckers! We're not telling ::insert evil laugh::

2.0's heart rate this week - 136

Recent cravings: Graham Crackers, Juice, Turkey Sandwiches, Cereal

Outside temperature today: 105 degrees (wow...I'm dying here)

Number of fans I sleep with - 2

Number of pillows I sleep with - 4

Number of husbands slowly getting pushed off the bed - 1

- STEPPIN' OUT SATURDAY - I kinda can't believe I'm doing this. I'm not exactly stylish, and have been avoiding linking up with everyone on this, buuuuuuuuut I don't like missing out on the fun! Basically, my kid always looks super cute, and I'm attempting to make myself feel better by putting some normal clothes on my preggo belly.

So, there you go! Happy Sunday!