she went potty!

We hit a major milestone yesterday. The munchkin pooped in the potty. Yup, that's right. Poo in the potty. Last week we had a pretty big breakthrough when she started talking about going poo poo, so we took it to the next level! We were out on the back porch splashing in her pool when she started making her "poo face". Since she was just in a swim diaper, and I didn't really want her pooping in that...I ran inside for the potty. Plopped that bad boy down on the back porch and we went potty redneck style. I figure she sees her big brother (the pup) going potty outside so why shouldn't she??

She tells me sometimes after she goes "poo poo", but isn't to the point yet to let me know she needs to go. So basically I read the signs on her face and then explain the potty. I plan to continue trying to get her used to the idea of the potty so it's easier later when it's time to really ride the potty train.

I'm sure some of you think I'm crazy. But she's basically a genius and I totally think we can do it. We wanted to just start introducing the potty this summer, so she's not afraid of it and starts to grasp the concept. I never dreamed she'd sit and potty this soon!

I'm so proud, but not getting my hopes up. I know it may be months before it happens again, and she may be a terror to potty train. But I'm thrilled with my girl, and excited we crossed this huge milestone at only 14.5 months!!!

Way to poo little girl!!!!

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