trying the "let's not"

My kid is stubborn. REAL stubborn. I blame her father. She gets her mind set on something, and that's how it's going to be. I like to think that when she's older, this will be good. Hopefully she will get her mind set on following God's will for her life and be stubborn and set in His ways. But as a toddler, it's difficult sometimes. Since she's a VERY verbal kid and talking like crazy, she picks up on every word I say. Unfortunately, I say "no, no!" a lot. Way more than I should apparently. You see, I talk in my sleep and hubby told me a couple weeks ago that I woke him up by saying "no, no, no!" in my sleep. Fantastic, I even discipline my kid in my sleep.

As a first time mom, I'm learning. And I learned quickly that a negative word like "no" is picked up on quickly. She walks around all day saying "no, no!" to the dog, her stuffed animals and anyone that will listen. The bad part is, she tells us no. The answer to everything is no.  That word is for sure one of her favorite to say.

This pic has nothing to do with the post, just wanted to remind you how cute she is. Helping daddy blow up her inflatable pool. Smarty pants.

So, we are trying out something new. Instead of telling her "no, no", we are trying the "let's not" approach. "Jessi Girl, let's not play in the dog's water bowl". "Jessi Girl, we aren't going to climb on that". I feel like if we make the discipline about US, it's not quite as negative. Mommy isn't going to play in the dogs water, and neither are you. Let's find something more fun to do.

How do you discipline your tiny people? Found any tricks that work well with them?