summer project #1

With only 3 months until the baby comes, and in the middle of a VERY hot summer...I need distractions. Luckily for me, I'm a major type A and so I have a list of summer projects I'm working my way through. It makes me giddy. LOTS of nesting. Lots of cleaning. Lots of organizing. Lots of fun. And the best is a huge distraction from the growing belly and makes my weeks fly by. This week, I completed Summer Project #1. The kitchen. I cleaned out, and organized every drawer and cabinet. The pantry was my main goal, but I ended up working on the entire thing.

Not that it was really that out of control, but I felt the need for perfection. I relined every cabinet with fresh contact paper and made it all pretty. White, yellow & green. So fun. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I get when I open my pantry and see everything in it's place. Oh, did I mention that there are labels? Yeah.

I'm a nutcase.

Before & After. Kinda hard to tell from the pics, but it's quite a change and looks great now!

Up next...starting the girl's rooms!!!