the sunday bump

It's been a rough couple of weeks around here. First, I got a horrid upper respiratory infection (that I shared with Jess), then Jessi Girl broke out in a terrible rash which turned out to be Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease. Now I have some weird eye infection thing going on, and Jessi's eczema is awful again. And it was over 100 degrees today which is just STUPID. Hot and pregnant do NOT mix. Hello, can we get a break and a cool breeze over here?

I'm entering the "awkward" stage of pregnancy. I'm not quite miserable, but just awkwardly uncomfortable. It's getting hard to bend over, and I'm no longer fitting in normal stuff. It's almost time for all maternity clothes (and hubby's tshirts).

But, exactly 3 months from today we will meet our second born. Our precious girl who we love so much!

And grrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Sorry about the blurry pic. Makes me crazy, but I didn't notice it until I was too un-cute for a redo.