sentences about poo

Yesterday I was sitting on the couch watching the tiny toddler roam around, playing and doing her thing. She walked over to me, looked up and said (in her super cute tiny toddler voice) "I poo poo diaper". Ummmmm, you WHAT???

I seriously couldn't believe my ears. I looked at her in disbelief for about an hour and a half, trying to decide if I was hearing things, or if she really just said her first sentence. But you better believe it, she had in fact went poo poo in her diaper. Hubs doesn't believe me, and you probably don't either. But I heard it with my own ears.

Yes, my kid is extremely verbal and says her words really well for a 14 month old. Talking is something that she loves to do, and I love to listen so bring it on girlfriend!

But this brings up the subject of potty training.

And how badly I want this awesome potty chair.

I have high expectations for this kid, and I'm convinced I can potty train her early. I would love for her to be out of diapers by her second birthday, but is that too big of a goal? I have a sweet blogging friend who's 16 month old recently went poopy on the potty. She's not in a rush to potty train him, but is slowly teaching him the potty is our friend. I love that. I already have a potty in our bathroom next to our toilet, she mostly thinks it's a fun toy for when we are in the bathroom.

Anybody out there slowly start the process early and have tips? I think we will still wait a few months, but begin introducing the potty. Oh, and don't forget I'm going to have a baby in 3 short months so all of this will be thrown out the back door...along with the potty.