a little homemade fun

Since the Munchkin is infected with a disease, and we are stuck at home for a while that means missing out on fun out and about. Sunday was my niece's 2nd birthday party and we couldn't go, so we wanted to make a fun day for Jessi at home. We made big plans to set up a mini water park for her. Slide, pool, water table & sprinklers. Mega fun for any toddler!!

Well...she wasn't a big fan of her slide and pool being in the grass. So after a bit of whining, daddy relocated the water park to the back porch. THEN she was ready to have some fun.

After mommy got in the pool to show her it was a blast of course.

Kisses for the rubber duckies!

Hi, Mom!

She needed a little coaxing to go down the slide....


A perfect day for my little girl. Whoa, and no more pics of massive preggo mama ok?