when the germ backfires

I'm one of those germ loving moms. I think germs rule. I don't wipe down the shopping carts and you'll never see me use one of those high chair covers at a restaurant.  I just believe that my kids will have better immune systems if I let them eat dirt and lick the dog's mouth. Hey, I never said I was sane. So, I shouldn't be surprised in the least when my kid breaks out in a massive rash that turns out to be Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease. Of course she does. She licks gates and kisses every person, place and thing she comes in contact with.

At the zoo, with her mouth on the fence.

Apparently this virus is super contagious, so if you need us we will be locked up at home for the next week. I just can't bear to be the mom that passes on an annoying rash virus to other kids. At least I'm not THAT bad of a mom, right?

Anybody dealt with this before? Suggestions? (and yeah...now would not be the time to suggest hand sanitizer)