fetal personality?

I'm so anxious to meet little 2.0. The more I get to know her in my belly, the more excited I get! And being just about 14 weeks away from seeing her face...wow it's becoming more and more real. I'm excited to see what she's like. To see if her personality fits her fetal-ness. With big Sis, she was a constant mover in my belly. I laughed at my doctor when she told me to do "kick counts" because I was lucky if she stopped moving to let me get a breather. I just knew she was going to be a mess...and she is. She still hasn't stopped moving.

Little Sis is quite the opposite. She's chill. She hangs out low, and moves around when she feels like it (which isn't very often). Daddy doesn't get to feel her kick much, and it's surprising to me when I feel big kicks.

My pregnancies are like night and day. I wonder if my girls will be the same way. {Speaking of night & day...it's 5:30am and I'm up blogging. Been up since 2am. Apparently I can't sleep with this pregnancy...torture!!}

Did your kids personalities reflect your pregnancies? Wild fetus = wild child? Calm fetus = calm child?