jessi girl - 14 months

My baby turns 14 months old today. 14 months. I still can't believe how fast it flies by, especially with me being pregnant now. The fact that she'll be 17 months when the baby is born, brings the realization that I only have 3 months with her being my only child. I embrace every day and every moment with just us. And every moment is such a joy with her.

Over the last couple of months, she has transitioned from baby to full on toddler. She is hilarious. Her little personality shines through, and she continues to learn and grow every day. It blows my mind how smart she is, and sometimes it's just hard to keep up with what she knows and understands.

What a blast this little ball of energy is. Although I like to refer to her as the toddler tornado, and a lot of the time she is testing her limits, I wouldn't change a thing. I'm learning and growing every day with her, and we are figuring this thing out together. She is such a daddy's girl, and is happiest when he is around. I don't blame her - I'm happiest when he's around too!

FAVORITE ACTIVITIES Anything outside - Swinging - Climbing - Kicking balls - Reading books - Chasing Jack - Dancing

FAVORITE FOODS Cheerios - Goldfish - Lasagna - Ravioli - Roast - Water - Milk - Fruit - Hot Dogs

ANIMAL SOUNDS SHE CAN MAKE Dog - Cat - Elephant - Owl - Chicken - Duck - Monkey - Horse Lion - Tiger - Bear - Wolf - Sheep - Cow - Cheetah - Bird - Jessizilla (pounding her chest and cute)

BODY PARTS SHE CAN POINT TO & NAME Nose - Hair - Toes - Belly - Bellybutton

WORDS SHE SAYS Outside - Inside - Water - Eat - More - Done - That - Night Night Bye bye - Hi - No - Slide - Ball - Veggie Tales - Milk Book - Block - Car - Tree - Shoes - Wagon - Two - Choo Choo Home - Fan - Light - Hot - Bite - Up - Down - Read Boo! - Whoa! - Shhhhhhh! - Yes!

PEOPLE SHE CAN NAME Mama - Dada - Jack - Jessi - Papa - Pop Pop - Rae Rae - CiCi - Mia - Lila Oh....and her Sister's Name!!