a case of the yucks

I'm pregnant. Yeah, huge news huh. Well, last night when I went to bed I had that scratchy throat icky feeling. You know the one. Where you can tell something is coming. When I woke up for my normal 3:30 trip to the bathroom, I realized my throat was practically swollen shut. I tried to talk....and nothing. LOVELY.

I went back to bed, actually hoping I'd wake up and feel fine. NOT SO MUCH.

Pregnant and sick makes for one cranky, whiney mama.

Since snot has been pouring out of my child's face for a week or so, and poor thing has been coughing up a storm...we all got to go see the doctor today. Apparently she just has "a lot of drainage". Duh. I came away with an Upper Respiratory Infection. Meds for us both, and hopefully we'll be much better in a couple of days!

Fun times in our house.

Oh, and perfect timing since a massive storm is supposed to hit our area this evening. Please say prayers of protection over the people of Okie-homa and the sick bodies in my house to feel better soon!!