a week {in iPhone pics}

Welcome to my week in iPhone pictures!!Want your pics to look awesome like mine?? Download instagram & diptic. Two of my favorite apps! Except, you can’t have my kid…and that’s what really makes my pictures so great.

SUNDAY Having fun with daddy at church! The dog had a little much fun, and this picture doesn't do his grossness justice.

MONDAY Such a fun day! A trip to walmart, a post nap trip to visit the ducks and swing. Then playing on the back porch and realizing if we shake our cup hard enough, water pours out.

TUESDAY Wearing Daddy's hat. Um, cute! Visitng the ducks, Jack in the box fun and trying to eat the mayo. You know...a normal day.

WEDNESDAY What a busy day!! We got her some fun outdoor toys (thanks Craiglist!!) because all she wants to do is play outside. However, she gets scared when she hears the train (that is several miles away) go by and wants to go inside. Oh, and the neighbors have baby chickens!

THURSDAY A trip to the doctor to check up on baby sister, so she rocked the big sis shirt for the first time. So stinking cute! A fun day shopping and playing at the park with Mimi. The a car nap & dinner giggles. Perfection.

FRIDAY Munchkin had a fun day with her friends! Played at Unpluggits with her buddy Braden, then we dropped her at Mia's house to play while Mommy & Daddy went on a date. Aren't her and Mia just darling?? Love them together.

SATURDAY Celebrating Lila's 1st Birthday...bikini style. Oh man, it was epic. More pics to come. Then a quick trip to Stillwater (where we went to college and met! yay!) so daddy could lead worship and then family date night. I love looking in the backseat and seeing that little face.

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