sponsor highlight: potential extractors

I'm excited to introduce you to one of our newest sponsors, Potential Extractors. A incredible way to reach your potential, overcome your fears and stick to your plan. Jason has such an amazing story, and I'm thrilled to let you hear from him. I encourage you to check out his web site, learn more about what he can offer and share with your friends! As a husband and father, Jason understands the struggles that moms can be faced with. He would be thrilled to coach you to becoming the best you that you can be by overcoming whatever obstacle might be standing in your way.

----- My name is Jason Ewart.

I am an Aussie husband & father who overcame fears to become a trainer, speaker, college campus co-ordinator and even an internationally selling published author.

I obliterated obesity without exercise (oh wait, that’s not true I did one session reluctantly) and then became a runner in multiple events including the biggest event of it’s kind – City To Surf in Sydney

The success strategies I use includes:

  • Engaging a self appointed Personal Advisory Board
  • Eliminating distraction & excuses
  • Prioritising & fast decision making
  • Leveraging mistakes
  • Getting coached by becoming aware. Owning & dealing with my stuff.

When you engage these success strategies & more, you WILL extract your potential.

You WILL see a difference in

  • who you become
  • what you actually do
  • and even with what you get.

Happiness, peace, satisfaction, opportunities & offers are just some of what is available.

You have potential and you are worth it!

many thanks Jason -----

Thanks Jason for helping us mamas reach our full potential. Are struggling with something in your life and need some extra help to get to that end goal? I hope that you will take some time to let Jason help you.