a week {in iPhone pics}

I've been really bad about taking pics this week, and last week I didn't even post them. Hello, bad blogger. My MIL & SIL have been in town from Alaska so I'm blaming their awesomeness. We've had a blast, and maybe I'll be better next week when they leave. Oh, and I'm pregnant and uncomfortable. How's that for my list of excuses?? OK, back to pictures.

Welcome to my week in iPhone pictures!! Want your pics to look awesome like mine?? Download instagram & diptic. Two of my favorite apps! Except, you can’t have my kid…and that’s what really makes my pictures so great.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! Had a blast with my girl.

Playing with her cousin Taelyn at Mimi's house

Reading some books, and a little trip to the park

Stuck indoors thanks for a major storm, so we did our best to entertain :)

A trip to the zoo & date night for mommy and daddy!!

A little shopping with mom and dad. Who needs a playground when you have stores? The goofball had a blast.

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