homemade finger paint fun

After posting pictures yesterday of Munchkin doing her first finger painting, I got a lot of questions on how we did the paint. Since everything still goes in the mouth, and the paint was something new and different - I really didn't want her eating paint. I found a way to make it that was completely safe and still fun! So, here's the recipe I used!!

Homemade Finger Paint

- 1 cup flour- - 2 Tablespoons salt- -1 1/2 cups cold water- -1 1/4 cup hot water- -Food Coloring-

Mix flour & salt in saucepan. Add cold water and beat with wire whisk until smooth. Add hot water and boil until it gets thick. Beat again until smooth. Add food coloring to desired color.

This mixture comes out pretty thick & sticky. You can add a little more water if you want it thinner. It is basically like a puff paint, and takes a while to dry but turns out fantastic.

I put down a large piece of cardboard in our garage and put the paint & canvases on it. Along with a cute baby of course! We painted on canvases I got at Hobby Lobby, and they looked really good once they were done!!

Plus, it comes off skin REALLY easily. I just rinsed her off, and didn't even need soap or to scrub hard to get it off, even after it dried a little.

This was a perfect project for my tiny toddler, and I know we will do this many times!! Enjoy & have fun painting with your little one!