an early mother's day

As I laid my little girl in bed, tears came to my eyes. It was one of those days I will never forget. Although we were celebrating me, it was all for her. And she had an incredible day. Which makes my mama heart so full and happy. I'm overwhelmed with a joy of how blessed I am and can't believe God chose me to raise this precious little girl. Mother's Day is just a reminder to me of how amazing she is, and how much I can't wait to meet her little sister.

Since hubby has to work all day Sunday, we spent a fun family day together to celebrate Mommy's Day early! It couldn't have been more perfect.

First stop: the zoo.

I love that in about 95% of the pictures of her, she's pointing at something. The kid had a blast. If you are local, and haven't taken your kid's to the Children's Zoo at the OKC it. Like right now. It's amazing.

Then she found the splash pad.

2.5 seconds after this picture was taken....she lost her balance and went head first into the fountain.

And um, got soaked.

I was too busy laughing being a good mom and helping her up and didn't get a pic of the fall, but here we are drying out afterward. Seriously, how cute can she be?

So we did what all good parents do. Stripped her down and let her go to town.

Then it was home for naptime.

For all of us.

Up...and off to Unpluggits to pick up the birthday plate we made (post coming soon...) and to play a little more. Once again - local peeps...take your kids to Unpluggits. It's awesome-sauce.

{excuse the poor quality iphone pics but these two pics slayed me}

A little Chick-fil-A date, and then we all went home to pass out.

What a perfect day.

I'm blessed to be a mom, and I'm blown that I'm the mom to the coolest kid on the planet.