may madness

March madness has NOTHING on May. It really should be called May Madness. I'm overwhelmed just looking at our calendar. And I can't help but think...were all you people so bored during the months of June - August that you had to go and get knocked up then?? (Ok, guilty...Jessi girl is a June knock up) We have about 42 bazillion birthday parties to attend from March to June. It's amazingly insane. Even with the overwhelmed-ness, I can't help but feeling so blessed that so many of our friends want us to be a part of celebrating their kiddos, kiddos to be and graduations. With so many events going on, and me being tired and pregnant...I'm still so thrilled and wouldn't want it any other way.

This past weekend we had 2 birthday parties. In the morning we celebrated my good friend Sarah's little boy Braden turning two! I am totally a bad blogger and friend because I forgot my camera. Bad KK.  Then we loaded up drove an hour and a half to party #2!

Jackson turned 1! It was such a joy to celebrate Jackson, who was born 3 months early. To watch this little guy grow from the teeny 3lbs to the amazingly cute, strong boy he is now is incredible. What a fighter he's been, and we love him so much!

Jessi Girl & Jackson sharing. Aren't they cute?!?!

On the schedule for this weekend: a birthday party, a baby shower {which is also at my house} & hubby working all weekend leading worship. Oh, and Mother's Day. Can I just get a nap??

I love our crazy spring. BRING IT ON, MAY!