a week {in iPhone pics}

Welcome to my week in iPhone pictures!!Want your pics to look awesome like mine?? Download instagram & diptic. Two of my favorite apps! Except, you can’t have my kid…and that’s what really makes my pictures so great.

Happy Easter!! We were rained in, but had fun egg decorating with Mimi & Poppy, playing with the dog, having take out for dinner and eating too much chocolate!

Little girl was craaaaaaaanky pants and so we barely survived the day. Thanks to as much caffeine as mom is allowed, a trip to Target and lots of leftovers. We survived!

We went and made a birthday plate, played outside and realized why cranky pants girl had been so cranky! A trip to the doctor confirmed...her first ear infection :(

Another rainy day in, treating an ear infection with her favorite meal...roast!

Still feeling a little yucky, but went to visit the neighbor's chickens and dragged daddy's shoes around the house. Cuteness.

Someone is feeling MUCH better! Oh, and Mommy's feet disappeared.

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