I've craved some pretty crazy things throughout my pregnancies. From hot pockets and mashed potatoes with bbq sauce, to hot dogs and oatmeal creme pies. I never know what my little fetus will dream up for me to crave each day. With this pregnancy my appetite has been shot, so I'm thankful for my cravings just to get some calories in me each day. We are all familiar with pregnancy cravings...but what about SMELL cravings?

For me, it's coffee.

It's like a party for my nose when I smell it. Brewed, whole beans, doesn't matter. I could sit at Starbucks all day, and I always linger a little in the coffee aisle at the grocery store. It may seem nuts, but it's intoxicating for me.

For you maybe it was fresh cut grass, tires or a new can of tennis balls?

Did you have any smell cravings during pregnancy? Or am I a nutcase (please don't answer that...)?