a week {in iPhone pics}

Welcome to my week in iPhone pictures!!Want your pics to look awesome like mine?? Download instagram & diptic. Two of my favorite apps! Except, you can't have my kid...and that's what really makes my pictures so great.

Such a laid back, fun weekend!

A little shopping for some new summer kicks, and of course a wagon ride.

Park day! Feeding ducks, playing with sticks, and having a blast.

Fun morning at home, date night with mommy at Chick-fil-A and visiting daddy at church. Oh....and skinny jeans. CUTE.

Mommy had a doctors appt to see little sister and stopped for a latte, then grocery shopping, taco night and a sink bath for a girl covered in tacos.

Easter egg hunt and meeting the Easter Bunny! She was terrified of the bunny so daddy had to sit with her. She was a rockstar egg hunter, even despite the 90 degree heat!