she calls him dad-o

I don't brag on my husband enough. I just don't. He's my best friend. My love. My support. My everything. The more we get into this parenting journey together, the more I realize there's something really special about the connect between a daddy and his daughter. How her little eyes light up when he walks in, and she dives into his arms. It's incredible, really. She calls him dad-o. It's precious. They have this amazing little relationship, and I love to just sit back and watch them be them. I'm honored to be a part of it.

As much as I know my hubs would love to have a little man of his own, I couldn't be more thrilled that he is the amazing father to my girls. That my girls will have him to compare to all boys they meet. And I pray that they will never settle for anything less than what he is. I pray for the little men out there somewhere who will someday take the precious hands of my girls and steal their hearts away. I also pray that my husband will not kill them.

But that man of mine? He's our provider. He goes above and beyond. I thought there was no way he could have enough love to share with our children because of how much he loves me. Boy, was I wrong. That little 21 pound munchkin is wrapped so tightly around his finger, there's no breaking those two apart. And the way he already loves and cares for our little 20 week old fetus, incredible.

It's an honor to be the love of his life, and the mother to his children.

I strive every day to be a better mom, because I want to be the best I can be for his babies.