how long should pregnancy REALLY be?

Ok, this may be craziness coming from my mouth...but here we go. I've been thinking a lot lately about how long pregnancy really should be. We go with the 40 week schedule and then FREAK out when due dates pass.

I delivered my daughter at 42 weeks. I hadn't progressed at all, and they had to go in after her and cut her out of me. Honestly, I'm just so thankful I was born in the era of modern medicine. There is a good chance either me or my baby could have died during delivery. I don't share this very often, but my doctor has told me it's not likely that I would really be able to naturally deliver a baby due to how my hardware is set up. So, for me I'm thankful for the c-section and how much safer it is for me to deliver babies.

I can't help but wonder how often we rush God's design.

Some women deliver right on or very near their due date. Some way before. My mom delivered my brother at 44 weeks. But why is it that when that date comes and goes, doctors induce and rush the baby?? I completely understand if there are risks involved, but as long as there is a healthy baby and mama....why rush?

Believe me, I understand how hard it is to think logically in the end of your pregnancy and induction sounds very nice when you go "late". But after delivering my first in California, where they have laws against early inductions and c-sections, I can't help but think they are on the right track. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe back in the day, a lot of women and babies died during delivery because they went too long. I don't know the science. I just wonder what God's original plan was for gestation period.

I learned my lesson the hard way with getting attached to a due date with my first. I rarely even tell people when I'm due this time, even though I will have a scheduled c-section.

What are your thoughts? Inductions? Should we wait more and let babies come on their own? Should it be a case by case basis? Are we rushing God's design?