an explosion of pink...and my heart

I am overjoyed. Two girls. My little angels, my princesses. I couldn't be more thrilled. My heart explodes at just the thought.

Tea parties galore.

Pink everywhere.



Best friends.

I wish I could explain to my 1 year old how amazing her life is going to be. That this tiny person on the way, who will only be a short 17 months younger, how she will affect her. I wish I could tell her that her best friend is coming. That they will share clothes, crushes and so much more. They will claim to hate one another, but always want to be close to the other. The giggles I will hear through my house as the years pass as their friendship and love for each other grows deeper.

Our precious 2.0

This is my prayer for my girls. I pray for their daddy. That gray hairs stay away and heart attacks remain few as his beautiful little girls grow into incredible young women.

I hope I can teach them that beauty comes from within. To not give their hearts away easily. To love fiercely. To not be afraid to stand out for what they believe in.

To be daughters of the King.

My heart is so full as I dream of my future with my two little girls and how much I love them so.