As mamas we take on a lot. We have a lot to deal with as parents, and so many decisions to make for our kids. I'm lucky to be a part of an incredible two person parenting team. We can consult each other and decide what is best for our tiny person. My husband always looks to me to make the daily decisions though. He always says "you're the mama". Talk about pressure!! It's not always easy to know what is best for our children. Especially as a first time parent. You're basically clueless, figuring things out.

Some days are tough.

Some days are a blast.

Some days bedtime can't come soon enough.

Some days you want to wake them up from naps & bedtime because you can't get enough.

It's not always easy. It's not always fun. The decisions can be tough to make.

What sunscreen is best? What lotion do we use? Organic Milk or Regular? Rear or forward facing carseat? Long sleeves or short? Swim lessons or not? What temperature to make the nursery? What formula or best? What stroller to get? What's for dinner? Flu shot? Tylenol? Shoes?

and on...and on...and on.......

It really seems to be an endless amount of decisions and choices to make for these tiny people. Some days I wonder if I can handle it. Can I make the right decisions? The best decisions? I've found that with the "simple" things, I just chose and stick to my choice as long as it works and is healthy. I want to be consistent with my kids. With the more difficult things, I often consult someone I look up to and respect.

How do you make the best decisions for your kids? Do you have a mentor mommy or someone you consult? Flip a coin? Turn to the books?