boy or girl!?!

Tomorrow we have an appointment scheduled to find out the sex of the baby!!!! We can't promise anything since I'm just at the end of 15 weeks, but the doctor said she'd give it a shot for us. So we are taking Munchkin to the doctor on her 1st Birthday to see her baby brother or sister!! Now is time to speak up or forever shut up, because we will announce it Saturday after the birthday party!

What do YOU think it is?

Cravings Lemonade Skittles Arby's Chicken Sandwich Hot Dogs

Symptoms Was horribly sick until about a week ago, started throwing up 2 days after conception Seems very different from first pregnancy

Etc. Baby's heartbeat was around 170 (Munchkin's was about the same) Anything I craved with first pregnancy is gross to me now

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Ok, time to vote!! What are we having?? A boy or a girl??